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Volunteer Opportunities

The Justice and Soul Foundation (JASF) has many ways you can help.


Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Do you want to leave a lasting impression on the world? Here’s how you can do both! Thanks to your training and expertise as a hairstylist, colorist, and/or esthetician, you can impact the lives of a group of young people in Cambodia who have never known the feeling of believing in themselves.  

If you could spend four weeks of your life impacting the future of a young sex-trafficked survivor, would you do it?  If you could build the esteem of a young person who spent years being physically or sexually abused, would you do it?

At Kate Korpi Salon and Academy in Phnom Penh, a typical cosmetology student may be a young woman from the countryside who grew up in a wooden hut. She probably started working in the rice fields when she was six and was beaten by her parents when she misbehaved.  At the age of 10 she was too much of a burden, so her “aunt” sold her to a family for domestic labor, which quickly turned into sexual slavery.  The stories are so very similar.  But today she could be an outgoing, enthusiastic trainee  at our salon thanks to the work of guest artists from around the world who encourage our students and volunteered their time.  Two of the past trainers were Amber from Seattle and Rebecca from Norfolk, VA – both of whom dedicated six weeks of their lives to teach skills that will improve the young lives forever. Amber and Rebecca reluctantly returned to the US after falling in love with Cambodia. You could be the next person to experience this life changing opportunity.

When Timea came to Cambodia from Chicago for eight weeks last November she expected adventure, temples, exotic food, and Angkor Wat while she taught students. What she found instead was a new life purpose after spending time volunteering at the Kate Korpi Salon and discovered the impact she could make on the lives of four young women and two young men.  In fact, Timea was so moved she could not stop thinking about the students.  Four months later she applied for the full-time educator position and now is making a difference every day in the lives of these eager students.

What will your story be?  Complete our online application  today and begin your journey.


Can't come to Cambodia to teach?  Not a stylist?  You can still provide hope and aid in the restoration process!  Sign up to be a community advocate.  Advocates can get involved on a local level to help the Foundation raise money, recruit stylists, coordinate local support for rescued trafficked teens, and tell the world about the hope we are creating.

As an Advocate, you will promote and support for the Foundation in many ways.  For example:

  • Encourage your team members to support JASF with a monthly donation taken automatically out of their paycheck or bank account.  Small donations each month may not impact their personal budget, but will profoundly help the work of JASF and make it easier for us to budget.
  • Coordinate your own Fashion SOULstice Fundraising event.  Encourage local area salons/academies to participate in a runway fashion show.  Find local sponsors, include a silent auction, and a personal ask for donations.  This is the perfect way to get the whole community involved and create some awareness.  (The JASF team will assist by providing guidance and support).  
  • Set up friendly community fundraising competitions (bowling, croquet or golf tournaments, for example).  JASF can provide a plaque for the winner to display for bragging rights until the next event.  This is a great way to get your whole community involved.  Our volunteer coordinators would be happy to help you brainstorm other ideas for your area.  
  • Sponsor a "Day/Evening of Giving":  Employees donate their services for one day or evening and all proceeds are donated to JASF.
  • Support your team in having a “Tips for the Day” day.  Employees choose one day as a group to donate their tips to JASF.
  • Start a month-long Shears for Hope campaign.  Design and create paper shears for your clients’ names and donation amounts.  For one month, your salon holds an awareness campaign and clients are encouraged to donate to JASF.  Once the donation is made, they fill out a “paper shear” and it is attached to the front desk or wherever the salon feels appropriate to raise more awareness of the campaign.
  • Become a speaker and share with other salons and spas in your area. 
  • Sponsor an arts or crafts show with donated work from your staff, family and friends, with proceeds going to support JASF.
  • Raffle baskets of goods and services can be donated by you and your suppliers, with proceeds of the raffle benefiting JASF.
  • Sign up for our quarterly newsletter.  Newsletter Sign-up
  • Follow us (and encourage your friends to follow us) on Facebook –

Thank you for your support – together we will shed light and transform lives.