Sex trafficking has been ignored for far too long.

It is time we face this ugly truth, stop the violence, and create a path of freedom and wellbeing for the survivors.

  • It is estimated that Seattle has between 500 and 800 juvenile prostitutes.
  • Both Seattle and Portland are considered hubs for trafficked teens.
  • Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of trafficking. Third world and developing countries are hardest hit because they are the easiest to exploit.
  • Human trafficking is a real international challenge that is largely ignored or poorly addressed in many countries, though awareness of the issue is on the increase. Those who are aware want to help but are not sure how to begin.
  • Girls as young as age six are being coerced, sold, recruited or stolen, drugged and placed into brothels. Rescued girls often go back to the brothels, largely due to the influence of drugs. Preventative work is extremely important.
  • Non-governmental organizations (non-profits) provide the majority of education and support around human trafficking in third world countries.
  • The Cambodian government is only recently stepping up its fight against sexual exploitation.
  • Several "schools," safe havens and transitional houses have already been created in Cambodia to support the healing and education of rescued girls.
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth Rehabilitations found that 76 percent of trafficked persons returned from Thailand had come from families who owned land, 93 percent owned their own house and had no debt on the land or house, and 47 percent stated that their mother was the facilitator of their trafficking.
  • ECPAT Cambodia reports that as many as one third of the trafficking victims in prostitution are children.
  • The aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime is still felt both psychologically and economically and plays a direct role in labor and sexual exploitation arising from ill-prepared migration.
  • With well over half of the population below the age of 20, Cambodia faces a growing problem of providing decent work for its young citizens, further increasing the appeal of cross-border migration for employment, perpetuating the cycle of vulnerability to human trafficking. The younger population is looking for new and progressive options while the older generation is shut down, with many suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • There is a high level of misunderstanding and bias around this issue. What does trafficking mean?  What differentiates trafficking from prostitution? Is a woman who was deceived into sex work but chooses to stay (still) a “victim of trafficking”? Is a woman who indentures herself “trafficked”?