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Justice and Soul offers a path to a new life for those trapped in trafficking. There are many ways you can help.

SOULution Circle

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Join our circle of monthly givers and become a part of the SOULution for change
The SOULution Circle is a dedicated group of monthly donors who help to sustain Justice and Soul and provide a brighter future for our students.

Continued and reliable support from monthly donors ensures that resources are there to continue with job training and support for our students.

Join us and be a part of the SOULution to create ongoing change in a survivor’s life.



Want to make a difference? Thanks to your training and expertise as a hairstylist, colorist, nail artist and/or esthetician, you can impact the lives of a group of young people in Cambodia who have never known what it means to believe in themselves.

Invest four weeks of your life and you will impact the future of a young sex-trafficked survivor. Your training and experience will help build the esteeem of a young person who has spent years being physically or sexually abused.

At our salon and academy in Phnom Penh, many of our cosmetology students’ backstories are tragically similar. She may be a young woman from the countryside who grew up in a wooden hut.

Today, she is an outgoing, enthusiastic trainee at our salon thanks to the work of guest artists from around the world who encourage our students and volunteer their time. You could be the next person to experience this life-changing opportunity.

Apply Online

When Timea left Chicago bound for Cambodia last November she expected adventure, temples, and exotic food. Eight weeks later, she had a new life purpose. She discovered the tremendous impact she could make. Timea was so moved she applied for the full-time educator position. She now makes a difference every day in the lives of these eager students.

What will your story be?  Complete our ONLINE APPLICATION  today and begin your journey in Cambodia.

Can’t come to Cambodia to teach? Not a stylist? You can still provide hope and aid in the restoration process!  Sign up to be a community advocate or volunteer. Advocates can become involved on a local level to help the Foundation raise money and coordinate local support for rescued trafficked teens. Help us tell the world about the hope and restoration we are creating. Volunteers can help before and/or during our events.

As an Advocate, you could promote and support for the Foundation in many ways:

  • Encourage your team members to support Justice and Soul with a monthly donation automatically taken out of their paycheck or bank account. Small donations profoundly impact our work.
  • Coordinate your own Fashion SOULstice Fundraising event. Our team will assist by providing guidance and support.
  • Sponsor a “Day or Evening of Giving.”
  • Support your team in having a “Tips for the Day” day where employees donate their tips to Justice and Soul.
  • Sponsor an arts or crafts show with donated work from your staff, family and friends.
  • Raffle baskets of goods and services donated by you and your suppliers.
  • Sign up for our quarterly newsletter.
  • Follow us (and encourage your friends to follow us) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As a Volunteer:

  • You can help us at our largest event of the year, Fashion SOULstice. Jobs range from being a greeter to selling raffle tickets, to doing registration. This event requires over 50 volunteers so we would love to have your help.
  • You can procure items for our silent auction, raffle and wine grab.
  • You can help us with PR, Volunteer Coordination, Decor and so much more!

Sign up HERE to volunteer with Justice and Soul Foundation.


Financial contributions are vital to funding start-up operations for a salon and academy, our North American apprentice program, as well as capital funding for new projects. Please consider giving a monthly donation to help with the ongoing care and support.

You may also support our ongoing operations with one-time gifts:

$25 can provide mirrors, combs and brushes

$50 will provide a blow dryer or shears

$125 will help feed, clothe and house a student for a month

$250 will help pay for a student’s monthly cosmetology tuition (in the US or abroad)

$500 will help pay for psychological support, medical care, or life-skills training

$1,000 or more will do all of the above and more to change someone’s life!


Sponsors provide ongoing funding and material support that make our work possible. With their contributions, so many will have the means to forge a new life.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Matthew Fairfax, co-Founder:

FOUNDING SPONSORS :: $50,000 and up

PLATINUM SPONSORS :: $25,000 – $50,000

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GOLD SPONSORS :: $10,000 – $25,000


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