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How we intend to help

Our Vision:

To transform the lives of trafficked young women, young men and children globally into confident, self-sufficient and financially independent individuals..

Our Mission:

Through our passion and expertise in the beauty industry, we provide hope through vocational training for at-risk youth and those who have been enslaved sex trafficking.


In Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

We have established the Kate Korpi Salon and Academy, a high-end western-style salon and academy currently staffed by western-trained stylists.  These stylists are primarily from the United States and other developed countries, some full-time and some volunteer Guest Artists. The pricing model has been set to attract clients with the means to pay western prices (wealthy Cambodian women and expatriates, sympathetic tourists, and NGO workers).  All profits from the salon go toward supporting the academy with the intention of creating a self-sustaining operation after three years.

Students are selected from partnering NGOs for the two-year program, which utilizes a modified version of Pivot Point training programs.   Student tuition is provided through scholarships from the salon profits.  Each participant is also paid a livable wage (plus shared tips) while they study so they can begin experiencing financial independence. 

Ultimately, graduating students will move into stylist roles in our salon, other high-end salons, or open their own salons.  Those graduating students that join the Kate Korpi Salon team will have the opportunity to become instructors as well.


  • Teach the fundamentals of cosmetology (hair, skin, nails and makeup), business, team building, and independent living for at risk youth and traffic survivors.
  • Build student esteem and confidence.
  • Help students learn life skills outside of work.
  • Create career paths and secure employment for graduates upon graduation.


In the United States:

We intend to:

  • Establish a scholarship fund for rescued teens looking for vocational opportunities in cosmetology.
  • Create partnerships with local cosmetology programs and schools.  These partnerships will provide on-going opportunities for aspiring stylists to gain entry into the beauty industry.
  • Partner with local shelters and rescue programs to provide support, vocational development, and inspiration for the young men and women in transition.
  • Create a pay-it-forward factor for graduates to participate in local and international outreach with the Justice & Soul Foundation.