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Intentional Acts of Kindness

You help your clients every day behind the chair, but would you answer a higher calling and move halfway around the world if it meant giving life, hope and purpose to those who had none? That’s what Timea Katona did when she decided to become a senior stylist and lead educator at the Kate Korpi Salon and Academy in Cambodia. There, she works with victims of sexual trafficking—women who have endured unspeakable circumstances, including being shunned by their families and neighbors. She teaches them the skills that will allow them to become beauty professionals, and in doing so, she saves their lives. Even though she left behind a posh life in Chicago, plus clients, family and friends, Timea has never been happier.
“My heart is lifted up because there is so much love in helping our students with their transformations,” she says. “For the first time in my life, I feel free and happy.”
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