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The Quest for Hope & Restoration

In such an advanced society, you would think that slavery ended ages ago, but the painful truth is there are over 20 million slaves worldwide today. These modern-day slaves are victims of human trafficking who are bought and sold into horrific situations that we cannot even begin to fathom. We are so honored to shine a light on Justice & Soul, an inspiring foundation based in Seattle that is working tirelessly to bring change in a extraordinary corner of the world, Cambodia.
The founders of the Justice & Soul Foundation, Matthew Fairfax and Lauren Ebright, discovered their shared passion for ending human trafficking while at a salon retreat. They knew that they could do something to make a difference, and with the support of their teammates, Justice & Soul was born. “I began to wonder if we could help provide a way out of the sex trafficking cycle by offering cosmetology education and the opportunity for employment to these girls. We made our first visit to Cambodia in 2009 to see the problem first-hand,” explains Fairfax. Their vision is to transform the lives of trafficked young women, young men and children globally into confident, self-sufficient and financially independent individuals.
By July of 2013 Matthew proved his commitment to the cause by moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia full time to establish the Kate Korpi Academy and Salon. He thought, “I may have been the one to leave my salon and life in Seattle behind, but I can’t do this alone. This will literally take an army of stylists, donors, advocates, and supporters. Together, we have the power to transform lives.” After years of hard work and tremendous dedication, they celebrated their grand opening on July 28, 2014. A true collaborative effort, the academy and salon thrives thanks to guest artists who volunteer at least a month of time to educate students and their incredible resident educators Brianne Chappel, Timea Katona, Alannah Joy Perrino and their Cambodian salon coordinator, Cheng Chhun.
The founder’s dream came to fruition last December, when they graduated their first students. Guest artist and Davines Educator, Angelina Diaz, experienced just how life changing this program is. During her month of teaching at Kate Korpi in November 2016, she witnessed the passion of these students. The level of talent truly amazed her as well, “I had my own expectations of sharing my knowledge and
experience with these students, but their skills blew me away! They are creating cover worthy hair in spite of their personal circumstances. My time in Cambodia truly impacted me. There are so many things we take for granted as stylists in the States, everything is at our fingertips! The humble gratitude these students had for something as simple as metal set clips changed my overall outlook on life. I truly came to love the resident educators and our students like family, we have this unshakable bond now and I cannot wait to go back,” she shares. Angelina was so blessed by the entire experience she has already planned her next trip in January 2018.
Justice & Soul continues to grow thanks to generous donations of salon supplies from socially conscious manufacturers like Davines and benevolent fundraising efforts by countless salons across the United States. The foundation is also ecstatic about the smashing success of their fourth annual fundraising event on March 25th, Fashion SOULStice, where they raised over $150,000! We are reminded once again what an incredible industry we belong to, as salon professionals prove over and over again that they have the biggest hearts on earth.
Feel inspired to join this movement? Consider these options for becoming a part of this amazing community of compassionate salon professionals.
Become a guest artist and world changer. Join us and experience the lasting joy of giving back to such deserving students. Visit the website to apply!
Can’t come to Cambodia to teach? Not a stylist? You can still provide hope and aid in the restoration process! Sign up to be a community advocate. Advocates can get involved on a local level to help the Foundation raise money, recruit stylists, coordinate local support for rescued trafficked teens, and tell the world about the hope we are creating. Raise just $3,000 and you’ll support three students for a year or
cover the expenses of one volunteer. We hope you will join us on this amazing journey, to raise awareness with the Justice & Soul army!
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